Explore Wadi Rum’s wide open valleys, majestic desert canyons, spectacular rock formations, famous arches and hidden desert springs.

Jeep Tours

Our Bedouin guides will take you to all of Wadi Rum’s most famous sites.

Camel Tours

Experience the desert by camel. Take one of our short tours across the valley or spend the day exploring the sites, either way you will see the desert as you never have before.

Hiking & Trekking

Hike through desert valleys, canyons, to natural arches and see views very few travellers get to see.

Aqaba - Petra Hike

A spectacular journey from Aqaba into the heart of Wadi Rum and Petra. 14 days trekking across historic desert land.


The endless cliffs of Wadi Rum are a climber’s paradise.

Desert Clean Up Trek

This trek is over three days to collect rubbish in Wadi Rum and we provide this tour at no cost.

Bespoke Tours

Travel deeper into the desert and explore the remote landscapes of Wadi Rum. 

I have designed this tour to show you all of the desert’s secrets as nobody else can. 

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