Travel the desert, the same way people have experienced it for thousands of years. The camels in Wadi Rum are well-treated and they have gentle natures. All camel rides are accompanied by a guide.

Short Camel Rides

Our shorter camel rides make a great addition to a jeep or hiking tour.

1 hr Camel Ride 20 JOD per person

2 hr Camel Ride 25 JOD per person


4 Hour Camel Ride

This is a half day camel ride in Wadi Rum. Highlights include Lawrence Spring, the red sand dune, Khazali Canyon and Small Arch.

2 persons 50 JOD per person

3 – 4 persons 45 JOD per person

5 – 6 persons 40 JOD per person


This tour begins with a short jeep ride to a quiet area of desert where you can meet your camel. We begin our tours this way to avoid the busy jeep traffic at the entrance of Wadi Rum.

2 persons 70 JOD per person

3 – 4 persons 65 JOD per person

5 – persons 60 JOD per person

Bedouin Camel Experience

Enjoy the silence of the desert on the back of a camel. We begin this full day tour away from the busy jeep routes, at the base of Jebel Burdah. On this tour you will learn to ride the camel.

2 persons 80 JOD per person

3 – 4 persons 70 JOD per person

5 -6 persons 60JD per person